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Pumpkin Cookies

I don’t like to pick favorites but these are by far the best pumpkin cookies I’ve ever eaten. My first one in Niagara Falls, Canada filming the PBS-TV Concert Beautiful World. In walked our good friend Deb with a basket filled with freshly-baked cookies. Everyone dove in for a taste of her delicious treats. It was a unanimous decision that the pumpkin cookies were the best ever! 

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Pumpkin Bread

Lately, everywhere you look you see pumpkin flavored everything!  There’s latte, oatmeal, cheesecake, pie and of course my favorite pumpkin bread! 

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Reach Out For Goodness Sake

If we don’t reach out for the goodness in people, we will drown in negativity. I’ve learned that it’s important for us to focus on the humanity and kindness of people helping one another, rather than the evil that we can’t control or understand. Though it’s sometimes hard to find the positive, but if we keep our minds open, it can be found.

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Alabama Gumbo

Serving gumbo to a crowd of football watching fans is a delicious alternative to traditional chili. Perfect for a cold autumn football game buffet.

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