Birthday Inventory

Happy Birthday Jim

Happy Birthday Jim

My birthday is a few days before Thanksgiving. I’m the kind of guy who on my birthday takes inventory on my life, what I’ve accomplished and what i want to do in the coming year.

This year: wrote new music (check), moved into a great apartment (check), met Dick Van Dyke (check). Future: Go on my 21st holiday tour, eat less, and exercise more…


On Thanksgiving I fill in the color. I put my lists aside and just feel the joy of being. Being with my family and friends, being with my music, and being happy, inspired, creative and free.

As we make plans for Thanksgiving and head into the holiday season, it’s a good time to reflect the color that makes our lives full and rich. Is there one thing that stands out? I’d love to know what gives you the joy of just being.

Advice to my younger self

If I had to give some advice to my younger self . . . . Work hard and most of all enjoy the ride.
Where ever you celebrate this year, I hope you’ll be present in the moment and enjoy the spirit and true intention of Thanksgiving.



Sally’s Corner Jim and Sally

Thoughts from Jim’s mom Sally

“Monday’s child is fair of face” and thus was James when he was born on a Monday, November 20. In those very old days new mothers were kept in the hospital (this was Cleveland’s University Hospital) for a solid week. Thus it turned out that the Thursday of that week was Thanksgiving. Dick and I had our Thanksgiving dinner served to us in my hospital room in the maternity section that year.

More recently Thanksgiving and James’s  birthday have rarely allowed time and family togetherness on his birthday or Thanksgiving weekends. James is on the road. For example his holiday tours usually begin the Friday of Thanksgiving so if he is with the family we need to start cooking the turkey very, very early and eat early because “I have to get on a flight this afternoon (Thanksgiving) be sure to get to Indiana, Missouri, Virginia, California, etc to meet the tour bus, load my things, meet the sound guy, production, merchandise, etc.etc. Can’t be late. “ Ah life upon the wicked stage……….

No really, I am overjoyed that James is living his dream. The family can catch up with him along the way and he can share special days with you. Happy Thanksgiving to all and enjoy the holiday concert season with my talented son!