Jim Brickman’s Discography

Jim’s career has spanned over 20 years.

He has transformed the popularity of solo piano playing his original, pop-style instrumentals and inviting star-studded vocal collaborators to join in. He has since become the most charted Adult Contemporary artist and best selling solo pianist to date.

Instead of listing every album over Jim’s entire career we’ll just start here.

Jim’s Favorite Albums


No Words (1994)

In my attempt to get a record deal, I sat down at the piano, composed some songs and recorded demos for record labels to hear. The record label liked them so much those demos became m first CD, No Words.

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Picture This (1997)

One of the great moments in my life was when “Valentine,” the vocal selection on Picture This went to Number 1. Martina McBride and I were both starting out. When I first heard her sing I knew she had the voice I wanted for the song.

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The Gift (1997)

The Brickman style evolved with my love of Christmas music. I was thrilled to interpret the traditional holiday songs, but when the record label told me to write a new Christmas classic I turned to what I new best – romance. “The Gift” was my opportunity to work with country artist Colin Raye. I was a huge fan. Were were set to record and still had no female lead for the duet, until I heard Susan Ashton.

My very first Christmas tour was launched with the popularity of The Gift.

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Simple Things (2001)

After the tragedy of September 11, the need to celebrate the Simple Things in life was apparent. The simplicity of a melody on solo piano was not only calming and reassuring, it was taken to heart like a security blanket. My favorite song will always be “Simple Things” sung by Beth Neilsen Chapman. The message of this song says it all.

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Peace (2003)

My Grammy nominated CD Peace has an eclectic blend of music and voices, but with styles that sound great together. The CD was released for Christmas, but I wanted the title track to be a more universal message. I saw it as a song about people finding “Peace” within their own world. I’m always in awe of those who bring my songs to life, and this was no exception.

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Escape (2006)

The whole concept of Escape is music that takes you to another place.  That place is well…up to the listener.  Knowing that so many people rely on my music to release stress, pain and heartache humbles me, and at the same time adds a sense of responsibility.  So, as I wrote, I though about you the listener, where you are, what you are going through and how you want to escape.

Faith (2008)

I love the old hymns and this album has unique arrangements of some of my favorites. I’ve also included some original inspirational solo piano music. Faith is a special album for me because it was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2009 for Best New Age Album. It was an amazing experience going to the Grammy Awards and being around the best in the business.

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Romanza (2011)

I love traveling and exploring new places. Romanza was my chance to take a trip to romantic Italy through music. It’s lush arrangements and inspiring songs will relax your soul and spark your imagination. Close your eyes and take a trip with me.

Magic of Christmas (2013)

This enchanting collection of Christmas classics and original instrumentals puts you at ease to enjoy the joy of the season. Joining me is the legendary Johnny Mathis, who adds his unforgettable sound to “Sending You A Little Christmas.” This album really captures the magic of the season.

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Soothe Volume 1(2015)

While my music has been used or every form of relaxation, this is the first specifically written to quiet the mind and ease tension.  This is the first album where I included gentle, ambient sounds.

Comfort and Joy (2015)

The song I’m most proud of on Comfort and Joy is “Hallelujah, I Believe.” It started out as a message of I still believe in Christmas, getting back to the essence of what Christmas is all about. About believing in something, about no matter what you’re religion is or spirituality is, it’s a time of year that is really special.

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Soothe for Sleep Volume 2 (2016)

 I learned that piano music has the most relaxing sound especially when written at 90 beats per minute and a 4/4 rhythm. The melodies on Soothe for Sleep bring you beautiful songs that will truly lull you into a restful state. As you listen, your breathing will slow down and your body will relax.

Freedom Rings (2016)

 There’s something about classic patriotic songs that fills me with pride. I chose some of my favorite songs to Brickman-ize in tribute to all Americans; those who serve and those who celebrate this great country of ours.

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Wedding Songs (2017)

I can’t be at every wedding by my music certainly can!  These Brickman-ized solo piano melodies are the most requested wedding song from ceremony to reception.