Jim Brickman Videos

Welcome to my video page. Here you will find a sample of albums, exclusive interviews from the radio show, behind the scenes video from the tour, and much, much more.

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Get to Know Jim Brickman

Watch these exclusive interviews, behind the scene clips and songwriting sessions to learn more about the man who writes the soundtrack to your life’s biggest moments.

Special Appearances & Collaborations

Jim Brickman has appeared on many television shows, specials and talk shows.  On many of these appearances he’s performed with some very special hosts, guests and characters.  Watch and see where you may have seen Jim before or didn’t even know you had until now!

88 Seconds

What can you do in 88 seconds? Jim Brickman proves that you can do a lot in his “88 Seconds” web series. Watch as Jim writes a song, creates a medley, answers rapid fire questions & takes on some interesting challenges every week!

Behind the Album

Ever wonder where Jim Brickman gets his inspiration for a song, an album or a melody? Watch these exclusive videos where Jim shares the inspiration behind some of his favorite albums and songs.

Story Time with Jim Brickman

Gather around the computer screen as Jim Brickman takes you on journey to the past. Jim shares exclusive stories that he hasn’t shared before about songwriting, his tours, TV specials and more. Watch and Enjoy!