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Soothe Volume 3: Meditation

Now Soothe Volume 3: Medition – Music for Peaceful Meditation is available for you to stream on-line or listen to on CD!  You can order your CD or stream it now below.

Jim Brickman releases the next album in his Soothe series.  Soothe Volume 3: Meditation – Music for Peaceful Relaxation is now available on all digital platforms.  Soothe for Meditation is one continuous Soothe Volume 3: Meditation Musicstring of music, melodies, and moments of calm so you can just sit back, relax and let your mind wander. 

Soothe for Meditation was recorded for you to find peaceful relaxation, which can come in many forms – meditation, taking a bubble bath, reading, sipping on a glass of wine, cooking or just sitting and enjoyingthe music.  Simply press play and be ready to sit back and let your worries, stresses and troubles fall away.

Listen to the full album below and download the full album on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon or stream it on YouTubeSpotify & Apple Music.  And Soothe Volume 3 is now available on CD.  Click here to place your order.  You’ll find the buttons below you can click to purchase your copy of Soothe Volume 3: Meditation – Music for Peaceful Relaxation.

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Soothe Volume 3

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