I always liked the thoughts expressed in that song,“Don’t Worry. Be Happy” If only life was that easy, right?

There’s another saying I learned from my friend David “Yeah Dave” Romanelli the wellness guy, “Neurons that fire together wire together.”

Pack Up Your Troubles
If you worry a lot, you become a world champion worrier who scans his or her mind to figure out something to worry about, even if you are on a beach in the tropics.

Rewire Your Brain With Meditation
To escape that place of worry, it takes a concentrated effort to focus on the positive and change the neuro-circuitry. To all you worriers out there, meditation is the best practice to initiate change and tilt your mind in a new more positive direction.

Worried you don’t have time? You can start by meditating for no more than five minutes at a time. Setting aside a short amount of time every day can get you started. Take a few quiet minutes to clear your brain and re-train it to go down that daily path to happiness. If you don’t know how, just search for guided meditation sites on the internet to get you started.

Need more ways relax and find calm amid everyday chaos?

Jim Brickman’s Soothe has ideas and music to help you de-stress.