Jim Brickman Pure Piano Tour About Jim BrickmanMusic For Relaxation

Composer/pianist Jim Brickman tries to maintain a healthy, calm lifestyle.  This isn’t always easy when he spends much of the year traveling the world, performing for audiences who love his soothing, romantic songs.

Jim’s quest to find calm in his everyday chaos led to a book and a series of Soothe CDs. The music elicits just the right tone for meditation, yoga, sleep, and even taking a bubble bath.

In honor of Global Wellness Day, Jim is offering you a free download of his soon-to-be released music for relaxation.  With over 2 hours of continuous peaceful melodies, Jim helps ease the tension in your day.

Pure Piano CollectionFor more pure piano enjoyment, be sure and grab the special “Pure Collection Bundle” available in our store. In includes the following 4 solo piano CDs. Pure Piano, Pure Romance, Pure Cinema, and Pure Worship.