Here’s whats coming on The Jim Brickman Show

January 28 & 29, 2017

Kristin McGee – Want an easy workout you can do anywhere?  Kristin McGee shares exercises a few exercises you can do with just a chair. Read More

Brickman Box Office – This weekend “A Dog’s Purpose” endures the Brickscale.  Does it meet the challenge?  Brynne gives it 3.5 Bricks, Bob was feeling misty while giving it 4 Bricks.  Jim was more apprehensive at 3 Bricks. Check out the trailer and let us know if you’ll be seeing it.

Whats Trending –  Worried about eating healthy during a Super Bowl party?  We’re sharing some healthy snack swaps you can serve at your super bowl party.  Read more

Brickman Buzz  We’re buzzing about the new artists dropping albums and are hitting the road.  Melissa Ruggieri from the Atlanta-Journal Constitution has the inside scoop here and here

Cooking on the Radio – We’re blending up some delicious recipes this weekend with the Blender Girl.  From stews to smoothies we’re covering it all and have the recipes to share with you.  Read More


Bachelor Bracket – Jim sits in on the Bachelor Bracket, but still under protest.  As the show visit’s the Pabst Theater, Bob and Brynne talk the details.  Has Corinne finally seen the light? Plus, who is Brittney?