Cooking on the Radio – The Perfect Blend

Blender Girl gives us some great recipes to blend up this weekend.

Do you have a blender at home?  If the answer is yes than you can start cooking an entire meal from smoothie to desert.  We’re showing you how this weekend in Cooking on the Radio with the Blender Girl Tess Masters.  Tess has a brand new book called The Perfect Blend with hundreds of easy recipes that only require a blender!  that you can cook up this weekend.

The Blender Girl shared her favorite recipe with us from The Perfect Blend that you can cook up this weekend!



Start by Blending:

Vegetable Broth


Sweet Potatoes
Swiss chard

Seasonings to add

Red pepper flakes
Grated ginger
Slice almonds

After you blend the base, blend in the seasonings and top it off with your sautéed vegetables.  This recipe is low carb, encourages high energy and detox.  For more recipes, pick up Tess Masters book “The Perfect Blend


More on the Expert – Tess Masters

Australian-born Tess Masters now lives in Los Angeles and is a cook, writer, actor, voiceover artist, and lifestyle personality. As a presenter and recipe developer, Tess has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Washington Tess MastersPost, InStyle, Real Simple, Glamour, Chow, Epicurious, Family Circle, Yoga Journal, Vegetarian Times and All Recipes. She has also appeared on the Today show, Fox, Hallmark Home & Family and many others. She shares her enthusiasm for healthy living at