Listening to music can reduce stress

Listening to music can reduce stress

More Mediation Practices
The list of ways to meditate is endless but here are a few more ways you can turn up the stress busting technique.

Crank Up The Tunes
It doesn’t matter if you are listening to hard rock or soft jazz, The Rolling Stones or Jim Brickman. Music relaxes your blood vessels and increases blood flow. So you can calm down and be heart healthy all at once.

Have a Good Cry
A good cry will actually make you feel better. Biochemical researchers found that 85% of women like to cry it out in order to feel better and do so on a regular basis.

Get Moving
A boost of hard exercise works wonders. Try racing your kids down the street or chase your dog in the yard. It’s an instantaneous way to lower your stress level.

Try Acupressure
Here’s a Chinese acupressure technique for instant stress relief. ¬†Apply firm pressure on the skin between your index finger and thumb. In about 30 seconds you’ll begin to feel a release of tension.

Need more ways meditate and find calm amid everyday chaos?
Jim Brickman’s Soothe has ideas and music to help you de-stress.¬†