Tuesday Tip: Retrain Your Brain

Working should NOT be my #1 night-time priority.   Sleep should be my #1 priority. But my brain doesn’t always do the should.

Does this happen to you? I lay awake and think of 1,000 things I need to do. My brain just wont Alarm Clockshut off.  My friend Dr. Drew Ramsey recommends making a schedule in order to retrain your brain to sleep.

  1. Exhaust your body during the day
  2. Go to the gym after work and work out hard
  3. After a nice meal, read a book or watch non-stimulating TV show
  4. Dim the lights
  5. Have a cup of herbal tea.
  6. 10 pm – start winding down
  7. Turn all screens off
  8. Take a hot bath
  9. Keep lights low while brushing your teeth and getting into bed.
  10. Worried about your inbox? Ask yourself – “Is it more important than my health?”

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