Life is a Sitcom

Is this your life?

Is this your life?

Can your life be made into a situation comedy on TV?  Think about “Modern Family”, “Family Guy” or even “Mama’s Family.” Their family conflicts are what make us laugh and keep coming back for more.

All In The Family

With your family relationships, try to laugh about conflicts too and let them go. You know, it does no good to dwell on them and let resentment build up. The stress isn’t good for anyone involved.

Pause for a Commercial Break

Yes, it’s annoying that when you go out to eat with mom she tells you ” Just drop me off at the door – in case of rain” (even though there’s not a cloud in the sky). You just have to shake off your annoyances and agree to do things that really aren’t harming anyone.

To be Continued . . .

If you get in a battle of wills about every single little detail, there are bound to be hurt feelings which may linger and turn into lasting hostilities. Laugh it off and enjoy the moment with the people in it.

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