It’s easy to wake up in the morning and focus on all the negativity in your life. As the day continues…

The car in front of you didn’t turn right on red. The person ahead of you in the express checkout line had more than 12 items.You get a wrong number and then they call back again.  Grrrrr…..

Wellness innovator, David “Yeah Dave” Romanelli can help us turn the negative into positive and reduce some daily stress.

“We notice negativity around us when the negativity within us is dominating our emotions. One negative thought can quickly lead to another and before long you are in a downward spiral. The trick to overcoming negativity is an inner shift.”

Think Positive
“You have the power to untangle your attention from those negative thoughts, right your mind and and put your attention into something positive.  When you realize you have the power to control your attention, it’s an absolute game changer . . . and the reason so many people swear by meditation.”

Build Your Meditation Muscle
“Meditation reveals the power of attention. People who work out in a gym build the muscles in their biceps. People who meditate build up their muscle of attention.”

It takes some serious mental strength to focus on the sunny day, the scent of your morning coffee and the great music you are about to play to lift the mood.  When you are an overwhelming focus of positivity, you will force a change.”

Need more ways relax and find calm amid everyday chaos?

Jim Brickman’s Soothe has ideas and music to help you de-stress.