Mediation relaxes the mind, body, spirit

Mediation relaxes the mind, body, spirit

Meditation: Real or “Voodoo”

I was curious about meditation to clear my mind. Before I start anything new, I like to arm myself with the facts.  So I asked my team of experts and got a variety of answers. Bottom line – It’s real!

Meditation Reduces Pain
Meditation helps the mind gain control of unpleasant sensations, including pain. Imagine your mind is a stereo and you are turning down the pain like the volume control.

Meditation as a Health Boosters
Two renowned hospitals used mediation with patients suffering from high blood pressure. They revealed a significant drop and found it helpful in managing the symptoms.  Mindful meditation gave relief to those suffering from chronic inflammatory problems.

Meditation Makes You Smarter
UCLA studied MRI scans of people who practiced daily mediation over their lifetime. Various parts of their brains were larger than those who never meditated.
So if you want more gray matter where it truly matters, tuck a little bit of mediation into your daily schedule.

Mediation Helps You Relax
A fast stress buster, meditation is one of the quickest ways to learn to relax.

Meditation Makes You A Better Person
Mediation gives you a higher degree of compassion. It activates the part of the brain that recognizes emotions of other people.

Meditation Relieves Stress
Stress, anxiety and even depression are helped by regular meditation. You can recognize negative thoughts and dismiss them.  Mindful meditation leads to quality sleep.

Next week I’ll share some How To’s of meditation with you!

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