Laughter is the Best Medicineemogi-1799208_640

It’s true. Every time we laugh, endorphins are released. They are scientifically proven to be stronger than morphine when it comes to feeling better. Did you know children laugh about 140 times a day and adults only laugh 12-14 times a day? It sounds like we need to bring out the kid in us.

Laughter Yoga

I tried the new “laughter yoga” a practice that reminds us of the childish playfulness in all of us adults.  It involves laughing as a form of exercise.The laughter might sound forced at first but believe me that it leads to genuine laughter. It also helps you get out of your own head, thereby reducing stress and working against your negative thought patterns.

No Laughing Matter

Laughter oxygenates your body and brain because it forces you to breathe deeply.
Find out what tickles you, maybe literally and give into it. It’s healthy and soothing.

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