Happy Me Day

My friend has a sign hanging in her kitchen that reads “Of course I can do it. The legs-434918_640question is, do I want to?” It serves as a constant reminder that she can say “no” and take a “Me Day.”

A “Me Day” Plan

Try this. Take a whole Friday or Saturday off from life. Tell everyone you are unavailable and plan for it to be that way.  Have someone else take your kids for a playdate and declare that it’s “Me Day!”

How to Celebrate

Don’t you date fill up the day with chores.  This is about experiencing life and doing what you consider fun.  Go to the woods for a walk, see a mindless play or double feature.  How about a spa day or catch a musician at a bar? It’s all about whatever makes you happy.

Make sure you don’t have too many plans. Let the natural flow of the day guide you.

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