lights-outYou Can Fall Asleep like Jim Brickman.  Turn Down the Lights!

I couldn’t believe it. My bedroom was keeping me awake. The TV was on, my phone was by my head, and I was working on my laptop.  Well, of course I couldn’t fall sleep.

Our bodies are programmed to wake up with the sun and rest when the sun goes down. It’s just part of nature. For the scientist in you…our brains are wired to detect light. The part of our brain that puts us to sleep actually responds to the lack of light.

My over-active brain is constantly working so I really needed some ways to slow it down and get some rest.

Here are some do-able ideas from Dr. Drew Ramsey that I’d like to share with you.

  • Get into a night-time routine and ease into sleep.
  • Put dimmer switches on your lights
  • At 7:00 start turning down (or off) the lights so you aren’t stimulated by the brightness.
  • You can even eat dinner by candlelight – maybe play some Jim Brickman music in the background.
  • Try non-stimulating entertainment like reading a book
  • No TV, iPhone or screens in the bedroom.

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Want more ways to soothe your life?  Jim’s Brickman’s book Soothe has more ideas.