Busy Signal

Busy Signal

Busy Signal

My “busy” friend has a sign hanging on her bulletin board. It says “Of course I can do it. The question is, do I want to?

Busy Competition
She used to be one of those busy people who thrived on being pulled in 27 different directions. It was like she was in “busy competition” with her friends, trying to out do them with her insane schedule.

She was addicted to the rush of having too much to do. The “go-go-go” left her friends “joking” that they don’t ask her to do anything fun because they know she is “the busiest person alive.”  That’s when it hit her.   This had to stop.

Do I want to?
Before you can step back and decide “do I want to?” you need to recognize that you’ve become too busy. Are you one of those people?

Here are a few ways to know if you are too busy.

  • You constantly brag about being too busy
  • You feel naturally competitive about being the busiest of all
  • You see yourself as superior to your friends who are less busy
  • You repeatedly tell everyone how busy you are until they are sick of hearing about it.
  • You feel super antsy if you do have some free time.
  • You gloat on Facebook about every single busy moment.

Next step . . . how to stop!

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