I always figured that if I could multi-task I could get so much more done in a day. After all, I lead a pretty busy life. What I discovered was it leads directly to burnout.

In reality, multi-taking causes me a lot of stress and anxiety. I got some good advice, try to look at the big picture of the day, plan for productive times and relaxation moments. Giving myself some downtime (no matter how busy I am) will keep me more productive.

My friend David “Yeah Dave” Romanelli, author of Happy is the New Healthy and Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin’ in the Moment has this advice for dealing with daily stress.

Prevent Burnout
Burnout is a huge issue in our culture It’s really important to focus on one thing at a time. The whole idea of multi-tasking doesn’t really work.

Scientific research into multi-tasking shows that not only does it make you feel less effective on the main thing that you’re doing, but it also makes you feel less effective overall. It’s not about being busy, but about showing up fully for whatever you are doing.

We try to stick to schedules, but don’t realize that schedules are actually imperfect and don’t often work out. The goal is not to be on schedule, but to be more present.

If you are spending time with your kids, then focus on them and not eight other things at the same time. If you are with a client, don’t be checking your email the whole time.

And if you are spending downtime, then really spend downtime and don’t allow 50 interruptions. Show up fully and you’ll be more balanced and productive.

Need more ways relax and find calm amid everyday chaos?

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