February Newsletter

mandyhalequote_webA Note From Jim

Happy Love Month!

Of course when we think of February and Valentine’s Day, we think of lovers and friends. But it’s very important to think of ourselves too.

The voice in your head can really have an impact on who you are and how you live. It can lift you up and improve your confidence. With positive self-talk you can have a healthier lifestyle and even reduce stress.

Believe it or not, you might need some reminders to be kind and loving to that face in the mirror. Write love notes to yourself and put them in places where you know you’ll see them – on your dashboard, your computer, in your wallet and yes, even on the bathroom mirror.

Jim Brickman Signature - A Note from Jim

Love Deluxe Edition Album CoverLove Goes Deluxe

Jim is re-releasing his LOVE album this year as a special DELUXE edition to celebrate some of his favorite classic love songs with a few new ones like “What the World Needs Now is Love.”

Jim Brickman’s latest release LOVE: Deluxe Edition is available for you to stream, download and listen to now.  

Love Deluxe is available on iTunes, Spotify, Title, Amazon Music, YouTube and Apple Music.

Play the whole album for the ultimate Valentine’s Day playlist

This is not available as a CD.

jim-brickman-live-still-gray-shirt-900x600Going  . . . Going . . . Gone

Many of Jim’s CDs will no longer be available physically, but will be accessible digitally.  We have a limited quantity of physical copies left and will make them available to the VIPs.

Some of your favorites titles that will be going digital are:  HopeBelievePiano LullabiesHomeRomanza, and Love. There are some Christmas CDs and even more being offered to you at a special price.

Get your CDS now before they disappear!


Jim’s Mail Bag

Dear Jim
I want to share a bright moment in our workday:
One of my stressed out students recently walked into my office, sat down, took a deep breath and said, it’s always so peaceful in here.
She is now a Jim Brickman fan and owns several of your CDs which I purchased for both my students.
Thanks for all the wonderful music you sprinkle through my day and the people who pass my way!
-Denise, Massachusetts

3.25x6.5 Alaska cruise postcard packagin ad

Come Aboard the Great Escape

The Cruise is selling faster and faster.  In fact, we’ve already sold out of Inside Staterooms and Junior Suites. We have balcony staterooms available!
Better reserve your cabin now!

I looks like everyone wants to see moose, bears, whales, bald eagles, glaciers, and of course Jim Brickman. They are all part of the fun and adventure on the Great Escape Cruise to Alaska. Reserve your cabin today and sail to Alaska with Jim Brickman and the nicest group of friends you’ll ever meet. Don’t miss the boat!

Ready to find out more?
Give us a call at 216-713-0770 to talk to a member of the Brickman Team



The VIP Experience

I figured out how I can perform a concert everywhere you are. This year I’m planning a series of LIVE STREAMING CONCERTS! I’m really excited about reaching places I’ve never been before. You can enjoy the concert in the comfort of your sweats!

We’ll have Virtual Meet & Greets too! I will hang out, chat and answer your questions. I can’t wait! But you have to be a VIP to be part of the fun.

. . . and there’s more

VIPs will always have Pre-sale concert tickets,  Meet & Greets and a discount in the Jim Brickman.com web store.

There will be new features on the VIP website:

  • Monthly Premiums
  • Blogs
  • Birthday Gift Card
  • New Photo Gallery
  • Music Downloads
  • Music Vault
  • Contests
  • Games



VIP of The Month

Meet VIP of the Month Valerie Bumpus of Tennessee.
Valerie says “Jim’s music puts me in a happy place. There is no other way to describe it. If I am feeling down, or having a bad day, I crank up one of my CDs on my BOSE and I always feel better.”

Happy Birthday


Sally Brickman
Anne Cochran
Brynne Deppas

Janet Ardis, MI
Marisa Beard, PA
Elaine Butts, TN
Marilyn Carey, OH
Cynthia Cover, PA
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Ed Fabian, CA
Gary Jacobs, IL
Shirley Kowalk, MI
Michael Lubbers, KS
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Donna Mellen, GA
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