Love is in the Air & in Your Ears

“What the world needs now is love sweet love.”

February is the month of love and everyone could use some, right?  If you’re planning a special something for your Valentine or are celebrating our love for one another, nothing says it better than music!  Over the years my music has been used at so many loving occasions: weddings, anniversaries, first dates, and the list goes on.

Since Valentine’s Day is February 14th I thought it would only be fitting to create my own “Romance Playlist” to kick off the month.  You can listen to it and be inspired to write someone a love note, ask that special someone to dinner or to just call up someone you love to tell them just that.

I’ve decided to re-release my LOVE album this year as a special DELUXE edition to celebrate some of my favorite classic love songs with a few new ones like “What the World Needs Now is Love.”  Use my collection to set the romantic mood all month long!

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Love Deluxe is available on iTunes, Spotify, Title, Amazon Music, YouTube and Apple Music.

Did you Hear what Jim Brickman is Doing on Valentine’s Day?