Soothing Suggestions for Better or Worse

Wedding Songs Infographic

Wedding Checklist


Whether it’s listening to relaxing music, lighting a scented candle or taking a few minutes to meditate, take the time to unwind the night before.


Eat something light, especially before the ceremony.  You need to keep your blood sugar in balance so you aren’t shaky and light headed.  So stay away from too much caffeine and alcohol, and avoid sweets.


A few deep breaths will deliver oxygen to your brain so you can stay alert and focus on the big day.

Stick to the Game Plan!

Wedding coordinators are great to keep the events of the day under control.  Have a personal game plan so there’s time and space for you to enjoy the festivities from dressing, walking down the aisle, and posing for pictures.

It’s Your Day!

Everyone is there to love and support you.  Let them!

Soundtrack for Your Day

The music should be the one thing that shouldn’t be on your wedding day checklist.  Jim Brickman has the CD that covers everything from ceremony to reception.  All you have to do is hit play and he takes care of the music for your special day.


I’m so grateful to be part of your special occasion.  I hope this music will help you reflect on old memories and create new ones!

Jim Brickman

Wedding Songs: The Soundtrack for Your Day

Jim Brickman Wedding Songs