“So Many Lies”


Veronika – “So Many Lies”


Known for her recurring role in FX’s hit comedy-horror series “What We Do In The
Shadows,” Veronika Slowikowska is on the rise as she is set to star in the upcoming drama
series “Becoming Alex,” scheduled to debut next year on The Heartland Network, and
multiple streaming services worldwide.

Born in Poland and growing up in Barrie, a city just over 50 miles north of Toronto, Veronika
Slowikowska always had an affinity for music. With the support of her Polish immigrant
parents, Slowikowska began studying singing and acting early on, ultimately joining the
Ontario Children’s Choir where she excelled with her distinctive vocals and love of music.
Having taken theater classes over the years, she was able to overcome her shyness and
went on to enroll at Randolph College for the Performing Arts as well as Second City
Conservatory where she showed her chops at improv and comedy. After graduating in 2015,
with her deep-seated passion for acting and music, she would hone her talents on the
musical theater stage on such productions as “Spring Awakenings,” “Footloose,” “Rocky
Horror Picture Show,” and many others.

Slowikowska would catch the eye of casting directors with her energetic approach to acting
by landing a feature role in Discovery ID’s crime docuseries “See No Evil,” then earning a
coveted role on Netflix’s “Degrassi: Next Class,” along with a series of short films before
arriving on FX’s highly-rated comedy/horror series “What We Do In The Shadows.” The
show, based upon the 2014 film of the same name, proved a great vehicle for her talents as
she made an immediate impact playing the nerdy, but hilarious Shanice character. Tapping
her inner nerd, the young actress dove headfirst into the character, providing the angst,
insecurity and levity needed for the teenage persona.

Her ability to improvise and tap into her irreverent side, was not lost on producers as she
earned a spot on the series as a recurring character. Today, the youthful artist is taking on a
demanding role as lead in “Becoming Alex,” a new series debuting on The Heartland
Network next year where she portrays Alex Russell, young singer struggling with the success
and challenges of an ever-changing music industry. With her innate ability to embody unique
on-screen personalities, Slowikowska is at home in the challenging role that explores her
dramatic side along with her musical sensibilities to create a believable character full of heart
and conviction.

Even as she prepares to take on the role of Alex, the talented actress has been busy
recording music for her debut album from the series – the culmination of a life-long dream
that is finally coming to fruition. Teaming up with acclaimed music producer Joel Wertman,
who’s worked with Bush, Goo Goo Dolls, No Doubt and many others, and his son Shane
Perel-Wertman, Slowikowska is recording a collection of songs that blend her passion for
rock, pop, rhythm and blues.

The album, which remains untitled, is set for release next year, just ahead of the debut of the
series “Becoming Alex.” Already plans to release her first single are under way, with a
second single waiting in the wings from the multi-faceted artist.