This or That – September

What form of footwear bothers me the most? Coke or Pepsi? What can’t I still figure out when using my tablet? Watch September’s Edition of This or That below to find out!

Sneakers or Sandals?
For sure sneakers.  I don’t know how people wear sandals – I don’t know they hurt my feet. And you know that little thing that goes between your big toe?  That always bugs me when there’s that little thing there.

Blinds or Curtains?
I’d say curtain – I just think they’re classier

Coke or Pepsi?
Coke, that was easy wasn’t it

Cardio or Weights?
Weights.  It just feels like there’s something to like actually do, you know?  And I don’t know I just get really, really bored.  I have a problem with cardio – as you can probably tell.

Tablet or Computer?
Computer.  Tablet, I still can’t figure out like how do you download things on a tablet.  I just I don’t know.  Also I don’t have one of those keyboard things where you can do that – I don’t know.

Would you rather be an Olympic Gold Medalist or an Academy Award Winner?
A Academy Award Winner, I mean after all I am a performer so wouldn’t that stand to reason?  Although I was a competitive swimmer in college, did you know that?  We’ll talk about that in another 88 Seconds.


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