It’s finally summer, the days are long and warm so you want to make the most of it! As the evenings and weekends book up, don’t forget to take some time to relax and enjoy the peaceful moments. Soothe your summer with this collection of Jim’s most soothing songs


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Jim’s Soothe Your Summer Playlist

1.  Dreaming Of Angels
2.  Hero’s Dream
3.  Relax
4.  Fly
5.  Summer Days
6.  Island Paradise
7.  My Love Is Here
8.  Sacred Moment
9.  Bloom
10.  Serenade
11.  Picture This
12.  Shaker Lakes
13.  Never Alone
14.  Gentle Wind
15.  Lake Erie Rainfall
16.  Sunshine
17.  Paradise
18.  Sunshine in the Rain
19.  Love of My Life
20.  On a Rainy Day
21.  In The Wind
22.  Unchained Melody
23.  Night Rain
24.  Above the Clouds
25.  Crooked River 
26.  Fireside
27.  By the Fire
28.  Calm
29.  Beautiful, Beautiful World
30.  Warm Evening Breeze
31.  SettingSun


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