Jim Brickman talks with songwriter & lead singer of the band Train – Pat Monahan
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Jim Brickman: Jim Brickman celebrating the 4th of July holiday with an all American band, Train.  Lead singer Pat Monahan is joining us because the band is in our town of Cleveland, Ohio for the “Play that Song” tour….if you were auditioning somebody for the band and said, ‘Hello can you here me?’ Would you say, ‘Next!’

Pat Monahan: It would depend if they already played something or sang something and no-one reacted, then it would be funny.  But if they started with that, no you’re not gonna fit in.

Jim Brickman: Exactly.  So when did you start singing?

Pat Monahan: I started playing drums at 13, so by 15 no boys had the courage to sing in front of girls because the peer pressure was just mounting up too high.  So I was like ‘Dude just do this -‘ and then I would sing.  And they were like, ‘Why don’t  you just do that.’  So that’s how it started.

JB: It seems like now though that’s cool for guys in high school to sing and get girls, you know?
PM: Yeah now it is – I didn’t know if I wanted to test the waters back then.  What about you?
JB: Well I play the piano, so I didn’t speak.  I just played.
PM: Yeah but when people heard you play they probably said like, ‘Woah that’s something I can’t do.’
JB: Yeah, I got invited to a lot of parties and a lot of weddings.
PM: Billy Joel does as well.  I don’t know if he plays anything at them.
JB: Well no, we don’t get invited as a guest.  We get invited to you know, perform.

JB: So you’re in the middle of this tour – all over the world.
PM: It’s actually two-thirds done.
JB: What is that like to be – I mean when I go on tour I’m only gone for a month.  You’re on for like 8 months?
PM: No…this was 10 weeks and 46 shows.  Then we have one day off and we go to Canada for 3 days then we go to Japan and Australia.  So it ends up feeling like 8 months, but it really was 10 weeks consecutively.
JB: Wow
PM: And we have not had two days off since we started.

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Jim Brickman: So this tour, the brand new album because we talked about this when it first came out.  You’re already like 3 singles in to the album – and “Play That Song,” I’m so fascinated by this because…

Pat Monahan: Ok, especially someone like you because you’re a piano player.  It’s a very polarized kind of thing.  Kids don’t know and adults are like ‘How dare you!’

JB: Why?  I think it’s brilliant!  I mean I can’t believe it hadn’t been done before.
PM: You know that’s what Sia said.  Like Sia’s managed by my manager and she said, ‘You gotta tell Pat, I’ve gotta figure out how to bring Chopsticks back.’  Because Heart and Soul and Chopsticks – you know.
JB: I’m wondering because of course we’re both songwriters, when you’re on tour like this when do you write?  Do you have dedicated time?  I’m always curious about that.  Or does it just come?
PM: The record before this I wasn’t ready at all, but if you don’t keep figuring out a way to be visible you can end up being forgotten.  So my managers were like you just have to start just trying to write a little bit.  I was piecing together and there wasn’t a hit off the record, and the album really didn’t do much.  And it was a reflection of how I felt about it because I wasn’t ready.  So I don’t think Train fans were ready either to embrace this.  
record was pure joy.  I mean I couldn’t write enough I was just so excited to write.  I’ve been writing with people who are 30-years old instead of 50-years old, the only difference is the amount of enthusiasm…There was such a different energy there that it made me feel like I’m really good at this, because these kids are reacting like that and I don’t usually get that.  So that motivated me to keep going and then I think the songwriting was better.

Train is touring through the rest of the Summer and Fall as part of their “Play That Song” tour – Click Here to find out if they’re coming to your town!

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