Jim Brickman with Special Guest John Oates


Jim Brickman talks with friend, collaborator and inspiration John Oates about music, Hall & Oates and his new memoir Change of Seasons

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More on John Oates & Change of Seasons

John Oates was born at the perfect time, paralleling the birth of rock and roll. After he met and teamed up with Daryl Hall in the late 1960’s, they developed a style of John Oatesmusic that was uniquely their own. They are the most successful pop duo in the world and members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And yet John’s story has never been told.

Relying on his many handwritten journals, he brings to light many fascinating stories, ranging over his entire life, with a journalist’s eye and a poet’s heart.  In Change of Seasons, John shares his highs, lows, triumphs, and failures. He takes the reader on a wild ride through all the eras, personalities, and music that have shaped him into who he is.  For more on John Oates visit www.johnoates.com


*Photo Credit Matt Christine Photography