Terry Bradshaw on Staying Healthy at 70

Super Bowl-winning former quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers Terry Bradshaw stops in to talk health maintenance and why men shouldn’t avoid the doctor!


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Terry BradshawJim Brickman: It’s not secret that guys don’t like going to the doctor… but I’m here to tell you, you need to do it, like it or not! It’s Jim Brickman with you, and if you won’t listen to me, maybe you will listen to former Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Terry Bradshaw. He is here along with Dr. William Gruber to remind all your baby boomers that you really should see your doctor. First off, Dr. Gruber, how important is it that guys like Terry remind us to see our doctor as we get older?

Dr. Gruber: Well, we’re very pelased to be partnered with Terry, because he’s a great example of what we aspire to, for folks that are 65 years of age and older, and I’ll share with you, he’s turned 70 recently, so he’s clearly in that baby boomer [age range]… it’s hard to believe, the way he looks, but as people get older, their immune system weakens, and they’re much more likely to get pneumococcal pneumonia, adults 65 years of age or older are over ten times more likely to be hospitalized with pneumococcal pneumonia, compared to adults aged 18-49.

JB: And do you find that men are getting more serious about their health and going to the doctor as they age?

Dr: Yes, and Terry has a strong opinion on that that I agree with, and I’ll let Terry speak to that.

Terry Bradshaw: Well, listen, I’m married to a woman that’s a hospital woman, and she makes sure I got to a doctor, and I can assure you this: I’ve told her– how many times!– I’m not going! And she says, yes, you are!, and when I get there, I’m glad I went and got it overwith, and I know when I leave, hey, I’m in good hands now, I’ve had whatever checkup… but men are notorious for putting it off, and we shouldn’t be, because you know, at 70… something could slip up! Pneumococcal pneumonia just slips up. Ya got it, and then you’re set back. I’ve got grandkids, I don’t wanna have pneumococcal pneumonia knock me down. I’ve got a bucket list I want to fill up, I got horses I want to raise, I got grandkids to play with, I got grandkids on the way, and I’m not gonna be one of those men that doesn’t go see his doctor–

Dr: And we should say, of course, women, too. Everybody over 65 years of age needs to see their doctor, and also visit the allaboutyourboom.com website!

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JB: Back on the Jim Brickman Show with football legend Terry Bradshaw, who seems like has had three different careers, one is football, one on TV, and one in the movies! Remember Cannonball Run with Burt Reynolds? it’s one of our favorites around here! So Terry, what was it like being on the set of those movies, and was it as fun as those outtakes at the end made it look?

TB: So much fun– I did movies, I did three movies with Burt, three Evening Shades with Burt, I went to his dinner theatre with him…stayed at his mom and dad’s house, I went with him to Dinah Shore several times for dinner, Sally Field was on the set during Hooper, then Farrah Fawcett… I met all his bros, all his buddies, I met Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jackie Gleeson, and I got to meet Jackie Chan when he first started acting, all because of Burt Reynolds! So much fun, such a good man, and he always had his buddies in  the movies. Every one of em were always in his movies. If it wasn’t doing anything but walking across the street, they were in his movies, he’s such a sweetheart.

More about Terry Bradshaw

You don’t have to know football to know Terry Bradshaw. After winning four championships, Terry’s been a presence on the big and small screens for more than forty years with his larger-than-life, fun-loving personality. But one thing Terry never jokes about—his health.

“I’m a busy guy and I like to be. Pneumococcal pneumonia could sideline me for weeks and stop me from living the
life I love.”

Your boom is your energy—which helps you pursue lifelong dreams and explore new passions. For Terry, keeping healthy drives his boom so he can live life to the fullest. And that includes helping people know the risks of pneumococcal pneumonia and importance of vaccination so they can keep booming too.