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Capture the songs and music that truly embrace the power of love with Jim Brickman’s Destiny. From the romantic “Love of My Life” to the beautiful message of Destiny, Brickman shares his passion for the piano and ideals of love.

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Jim Brickman presents this collection of 16 inspirational songs that are both uplifting and reflective to give you peace of mind and remind us of gratitude.

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1 review for Blessed – Songs of Inspiration – CD

  1. Kristina Paylor

    Blessed in one of Jim Brickman’s inspirational albums and they are my “go to” when I’m working and especially stressed. It is so soothing to hear Jim playing these songs of faith, and always calms my spirit, reminding me of the One Who is in control and putting work stress back into perspective. I play “Blessed” so often, I’ve somehow misplaced it and am now reordering it.

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