Olivia Rox “It’s Christmas Time”


Hearing “It’s Christmas Time” from Olivia feels like waking up Christmas morning and Santa brought everything you asked for!

More about Oliva Rox

Emerging pop-rock artist Olivia Rox has just released her debut single, “It Girl”. The bright, fresh, inspiring upbeat song was written by Rox herself. Produced by Tamara Van Cleef, Warren Hill, and Rox. Mixed by 18-time Grammy Winner with 27 #1 singles, Mick Guzauski (Pharrell Williams, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Jeanelle Monae) and Mastered by the one and only Bernie Grundman.

The next pop superstar is rapidly rising, 20-year-old Olivia Rox is poised to dominate the music scene with her new music. All songs are impeccably penned by Rox herself. Olivia’s debut album, ‘PopRox’ features Olivia’s powerhouse, rock goddess vocals. All the while showcasing her powerful songwriting skills – having written the entire record on her own, delivering unshakable hooks and dynamic productions. POPROX is available via Songbird Records, on all streaming platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

This rising pop artist has been named the new artist to watch after her “It Girl” lyric video received well over a million views on YouTube upon it’s initial release. On PopRox, Olivia continues to make a strong impression, with vocals compared to Mariah, Pink and Adele. This feel-good, catchy album takes you on a journey that is both well-rounded and cohesive, giving you everything from positive music, such as ‘Be Happy’ (where she flirts with reggae and ska), the unique cleverness of ‘Galileo’, to the more introspective and vulnerable lyrics in ‘Outcast’ (‘I’m outcast, all alone, I wish I could be safe at home’) and of course the girl power song, and her first single “It Girl”. All the while blending pop and rock perfectly on this 12 track album. So, if you didn’t happen to see her fly to the coveted top 10 on American Idol Season 15, or you’ve never heard of Olivia Rox, then learn her name right now, because she’s here to stay! Album Drops 9-19-19.” The first leg Rox’s West Coast tour opens late August in Los Angeles, CA. Go to oliviarox.com for tour dates.