I’ve written a lot of songs about love. Falling in love; being in love, loving one another.  I do NOT write songs about break up love.

I’m sure you have a favorite love song (even if lovecolorsit’s not one that I wrote.) Did you know that you can listen to the same love song time and time again and still feel the same emotion and pleasure. Maybe you’ve experienced this… You can hear a particular song years later, and it can lift you out of a funk, brighten up and feel the same way you did the first time you heard it.

Hug It Out

Obviously, there’s more to love than romance.  My friend David “Yeah Dave” Romanelli did an exercise where he walked around New York City with a film crew to see if he could get a one-minute hug from random New Yorkers.  It was awkward at times but one thing was clear. Everyone needs more love. Whether its an uplifting email, a pat on the back or a one minute hug, love is the single most powerful way to spread positivity, disrupt unhealthy patterns, and show up fully.

There are 1,440 minutes in a day.  It’s a powerful practice to dedicate one minute each day to love.
David Romanelli is the author of Happy Is The New Healthy and Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin’ The Moment.

Jim Brickman’s collection of songs is ideal for spreading love and positivity.