Let Go of Your Stress

Over half the population is regularly stressed out. Its because they are unable to control the important things in their life very or fairly often.

If control is key to de-stressing, the character Elsa in “Frozen” had the right idea to “let it go.”

Simple De-stressing Tips

Realize you have no control over the future.
Each day offers its surprises, you simply have to embrace the unknown and deal with it.rest-52495_640

Know that things happen in their own time.
You have to surrender to the natural flow of life in which everything happens when its supposed to to happen.

Treat yourself on stressful days.
Some stressful situations are natural – like deadlines, taxes, that certain high strung person. If you have no choice, make sure to take some time for yourself. Take a walk in a park, look up at the sky and watch the clouds. Thats a simple way to calm down any frantic mind.

Let go of people who stress you out – if you can.
You can’t choose the people who stress you out during your workday, but you can pick players in your private life. If one of your friends is a constant downer and tries to bring you down with them, consider removing them from your life temporarily of forever. If its a parent or spouse, you need to set firm boundaries. ¬†“Mom, I love you but I can’t talk to you when I’m working.” ¬†Make a special time to connect.

We all know that stress affects our health. A little tough talk with the stress causing person isn’t pleasant in that moment, but in the long run it can help reduce your stress level.