January Newsletter


good-quoteDid you wake up on January 1st, your head filled with positive thoughts, plans and expectations for the New Year?

I did. But by 5:00 the next day I realized maybe I was overshooting and probably setting myself up for failure.

So then I thought about little things I could do that would make a big impact.

I love this list so much that I’m sharing with you. On the surface it seems so simple. Let’s try it and see what a big change it will make in the way we act, the way we see ourselves and eventually the way others react to us.

Let me know what you think.

Jim Brickman Signature - A Note from Jim

jim-brickman-live-still-gray-shirt-900x600Going  . . . Going . . . Gone

Many of Jim’s CDs will no longer be available physically, but will be accessible digitally.  We have a limited quantity of physical copies left and will make them available to the VIPs.

Some of your favorites titles that will be going digital are:  HopeBelievePiano LullabiesHomeRomanza, and Love. There are some Christmas CDs and even more being offered to you at a special price.

sally-and-jim-900x600Sally’s Corner

My son James marches to a different drummer. I guess I knew this but what I didn’t know is that he has an amazing mind. As the firstborn, I did not realize that he was unusually gifted. He knew from day one what he wanted and pretty much how to get there along the way, but again I did not realize how unusual this was.

At age two he was ahead of most children in everything. He loved rocking on his rocking horse to recorded music and I wrote in his baby book that he seemed to be especially music oriented. In high school he was music director on piano at the local youth theater. In college he only wanted to have a recording studio nearby and was writing jingles in his bedroom and designing his own jingle company. Meanwhile he swept the floor and got coffee, and learned how to record at a local commercial recording studio.

When we drove by car anywhere out of town he had to stop at every radio station to meet the staff and share his music. He also traveled to advertising agencies to speak about dealing with their music producers. All this while writing songs on the piano. Fifty- five years is too hard to boil down here. Suffice to say he has shared his passions with me all along his career and has shocked me with a mind that goes in multiple creative directions.

How can he possibly remember each note of his music in concerts with no sheet music??

Follow your kid’s dreams!


What’s On Jim’s iPod

You may not believe this story but I swear It is true.

I was sitting on a plane (of course), listening to the streaming music. I came across a well-known country singer who I’d never taken the time to really hear.

Her name is Kasey Musgrave. Her melodies are simple but her lyrics are so smart and engaging. Some of her songs include subjects that are important to her but might be considered controversial to others.

She’s been nominated so many times but her most recent award was at the CMA for Song of the Year  “Follow Your Arrow”.   I really think you’d enjoy her music.


Jim’s Mail Bag

I’m not sure if this message will ever make it to you or not but I felt compelled to send it.

I have listened to your music for years and years and attended several concerts. I just wanted you to know how deeply your music moves me. It reaches the depths of my soul and touches my heart in such a way that nothing else does.

Actual tears fill my eyes when I hear your beautiful music. I have always believed that music can evoke great emotion. I am so grateful for your talent and will continue to support you for as long as I live.

Thank you so much for what you do. It touches people.


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Come Aboard the Great Escape

The Cruise is selling faster and faster.  In fact, we’ve already sold out of Inside Staterooms and Junior Suites. Better reserve your cabin now!

I looks like everyone wants to see moose, bears, whales, bald eagles, glaciers, and of course Jim Brickman. They are all part of the fun and adventure on the Great Escape Cruise to Alaska. Reserve your cabin today and sail to Alaska with Jim Brickman and the nicest group of friends you’ll ever meet.Cabins are filling fast. Don’t miss the boat!

Ready to find out more?
Give us a call at 216-713-0770 to talk to a member of the Brickman Team



Jim’s Street Team

If Jim is coming to your city and you plan to attend the concert… we need you! Volunteers are always needed at the merchandise table.

Helping out is easy and fun. You’ll help concert-goers select CDs (because who knows more about Jim’s music than a VIP?)

If you are interested, write to:
ellen@jimbrickman.com    Subject VIP Help / City




Meet & Greet
All VIP Meet & Greets will take place AFTER the concert until further notice.

VIP Discount
Use the code JBVIP2010 to receive your discount on purchases in the online store.

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