It Just Takes 15 Minutes

Take 15 to reduce stress.

Take 15 to reduce stress.

There are 2 kinds of people in the world. Those who get there early, and those who rush in at the last minute apologizing profusely.

The late ones want us to believe they are incredibly busy and that we should be grateful they even showed up.

Lucky for me, I can pretty much set my own schedule because I could easily be the late one. I’ve chosen to be an early bird when it comes to everything I can control. For example, I can control getting to the airport early. That way I don’t have to stress about long lines and running to the gate.

Go From Freakin’ Out to Chillin’ Out

In general, I always try to run 15 minutes early. That’s my little cushion to lower my stress level while compensating for Murphy’s Law. Anything that can go wrong will… Yes, it keeps me from freaking out. Without my 15 minute cushion, the slowness of traffic or stopping for gas would turn into a major event. This way it’s a minor blip. Those extra 15 minutes are nirvana for a busy person. Think of it as shifting your stress levels from the red zone down to neutral.

The 15 minute cushion also works great in the morning. I’m not waking up so much earlier that it changes my day. But now I’m not racing around and stressing. I’m actually allowing myself to have a tranquil, slower start to the day that feels so much better. How great is it to realize you actually do have time for that cup of coffee.

Set your clock ahead (literally and figuratively) and give yourself some leeway. The 15 minute cushion gives you the power to know that time is on your side.

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