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What’s in a Name?

Ever wonder if celebrities use fake names when making a reservation at a restaurant or booking a room at a hotel?  Well so did we on The Jim Brickman Show!  So we went to the source – a celebrity named Jim Brickman.  Listen below to hear some celeb pseudonyms and if Jim Brickman will reveal a secret name he’s used in the past

Fake Celebrity Names

JIM BRICKMAN – Todd Fedderman
Why?  “You know my name is James but my mom really wanted to name me Todd.  My dad said he wanted me to have a real name like a real strong – and my mom’s maiden name is Fedderman so sometimes I use the name Todd Fedderman.”

BRAD PITT – Brice Pilaf

What would your fake name be if you were a celebrity?  Share it in the comments below!

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