We Three “Our Last Christmas Eve”

The name We Three is already reminiscent of a classic Christmas motif, but instead of Kings, these 3 siblings are bearing infectious melodies this holiday season with “Our Last Christmas Eve” 

More About We Three

WE THREE are 3 siblings who got their breakthrough via America’s Got Talent in 2018.

Their song “Heaven’s Not too Far “drew Mel B to tears and has since seen over 114 Million FB views.

The band write solely original material, and in 2019 headlined a Major National US tour in 35 cities. In 2020 they released their second album to great reviews, and this has spawned 3 HIT singles.

Just before Covid-19 the band flew to Europe for a Major Tour, but sadly after just two sell out gigs in the UK they were forced to abandon the tour and return to the USA due to “Lockdown.”

During this time they have been incredibly busy writing new material, preparing a Christmas EP and working with a number of Mental Health Charities who have been made aware of the band particularly through tracks such as LIFELINE and SARA – with apx 1Million Tiktok views …Dope!!!

The current Christmas EP has a modern reworking of their hit song HEAVEN’S NOT TOO FAR – 14Million Streams and including Our LAST CHRISTMAS EVE – a poignant yet uplifting account of the last Christmas shared before their ill Mother passed. And finally, a striking new duet with fellow AGT finalist Noah Guthrie of WHEN I’M WITH YOU.

“The band manage to capture intense and insightful subjects in a simple + positive pull.

Infectious melody and self-produced – they are a family fused into performance and the music runs deep through their veins.



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