Heide Mayes, NYphoto1

Hello from Niagara Falls NY. Thank you for selecting me to be VIP of the month. I am a mental health counselor and have used Jim’s music and books in the classes I teach on wellness and healthy coping. My mother studied music in Germany during WW II. I grew up listening to her play the piano and always found it comforting.

Who or what introduced you to Jim’s music?
I first heard the Christmas version of Simple Things on our local radio station in 2008 and was hooked from there. I have attended Jim’s concerts in Buffalo, Rochester, Jamestown, North Tonawanda and Canada. Christmastime isn’t the same without going to a Jim Brickman concert. My favorite event was the book signing and Q&A in Rochester. It was a more personal and relaxed atmosphere.

What does Jim’s music do for you?
I think Angel Eyes is my favorite song but Never Alone has helped me cope with grief. Jim’s music brought me through worry, parenting, mending relationships, photo2medical procedures, surgery and the death of my sister. It’s not just the music I find calming but also the inspirational messages of hope that he shares.

How have you shared Jim’s music?
As a VIP I have been able to introduce Jim and his music to many people especially my husband, son, daughters, sister, mother-in-law and close friends.

Have you ever been on the cruise or at a bash?  If so, what do you enjoy most about it.
I attended Brickman Bash 2016 at Niagara-on-the-lake. I really enjoyed making so many new friends and sharing stories of how Jim’s music had an impact on our lives. I especially liked the private concert at St. Mark’s church. I was moved by how the music emotionally touched everyone in the room. photo1-1

What do you like best about being a VIP?
The best part of being a VIP is the many connections I have made with other VIP’s. They are a very special group of people.