The List – Most Fun Cities

Brickman, Bob and Brynne are counting down the Most Fun Cities from WalletHub in the Top Ten this weekend on The Jim Brickman Show.   Listen and find out if your city made the list or where you should be heading to have a little fun!

The List Most Fun Cities

Most Fun Cities

10.  San Diego – Jim
9.  Chicagoland – Brynne
Bob – The toddling town

8.  New Orleans – Jim
Bob – Na’lins
Brynne – Na’lins

7.  San Francisco – Jim
Jim – Open your Golden Gate

6.  Hot-lanta – Jim
Bob – My-lanta
Jim – Fire-lanta

5.  Portland, Oregon – Jim
Bob – Yes, Oregon please

4.  Miami – Brynne
Bob – That’s Miami for the rest of us
3.  New York City – Jim
Bob – New York! (singing)

2.  The Happiest Place on Earth!  Orlando, Florida! – Brynne
1.  Sin City – Bob
Jim – Las Vegas

Brynne – Viva Las Vegas

Top Ten Most Fun Cities

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