The Sign: Solo Travel Destination

Brickman, Bob & Brynne are revealing their next solo travel destinations based on their zodiac sign.  The article was found on Guest of Guest and the trio shared where a Scorpio, Aquarius, Cancer & Gemini.  For the other sign destinations, click the link to the right.

Brickman – Japan
Scorpios need balance, the relaxing and fun part.
Jim – I’ve been to Japan and it was NOT a de-stressful, blissful time…

Bob & Brynne – Morocco
 We like the hustle & bustle
Bob – I would LOVE to go to Morocco, every time I see Morocco in a movie I think I’ve gotta get to Morocco
Brynne – Apparently there are a lot of celebrities there right now, like my other husband Nick Jonas – it’s a popular destination

Gemini – Canada
There’s a lot to do in Toronto and Gemini constantly need an activity
Bob – There’s a lot to do in a lot of different places.

Cancer – The Philippines
 They need a place to relax & rejuvenate
Jim – One of the most beautiful vacations I was ever on was in the Philippines.

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