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Time to get Physical on The Jim Brickman Show! FitFusion Trainer Kenta Seki gives Jim Brickman the workout that will whip him & you into shape for the Summer

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Workout with Jim & Kenta

Jim Brickman – It’s all about getting ready for summer because you wanna look good at the beach, but most important is to get your body in shape and just to feel better.  We are talking with Kenta Seki, your personal trainer to the stars.  FitFusion.com is where many people can find the way to work out with you.  If we’re just starting up what is the first exercise you should start with?

Kenta Seki – It’s not about an exercise it’s just about getting active.  First and foremost make sure your body’s used to elevating your heart rate for a sustained amount of time.  So you know maybe some type of cardio would be a great way to start.  Just low intensity with intervals so that way your body is used to getting a little bit of energy and little bit of jolts every now and then.  So that way you’re just getting used to exercising before you fully throw yourself into some high intensity stuff.

How do you follow Interval Training?

Kenta Seki – It depends on what level you’re at, what level you are and the level of intensity you want to jump to.  But generally you want to start at a level that’s comfortable for you for a sustained amount of times.

Example Interval Workout – Treadmill
Start – 5.0 (light jog)
Spike – 6.0-7.0 (Comfortable Speed for You)
Spikes should last from 30 seconds to a minute
Bring speed back down to your start for recovery

It’s all about little spikes in your workout with something that’s doable for a short period of time.

Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Kenta Seki – It depends on where you’re at.  If people have a seat available to them they can do things off the edge of a couch, you can do them off the edge of a chair or you can do them just standing.  I can give you a great workout with just standing and using a mat on the floor – it’s endless.  You don’t necessarily need a lot of equipment, you don’t need a full gym to get a good workout in.

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Don’t Forget About Working Out Your Mind

Kenta Seki – People think about [meditation] that you have to be sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed and your palms up.  But I think any type of meditation is just something that works for you where you’re consciously controlling your thoughts and your breathing and your state of consciousness – as long as your consciously doing it.  You can do it while you’re shopping, you can do it while you’re sitting, while you’re driving – anything! 

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More On Trainer Kenta Seki

A personal trainer and group fitness instructor based in LA whoKenta Seki stands as one of the top trainers for FitFusion.com.  Since finding his start as a Yoga instructor and spending time as a fitness model, he has continued his goal of trying to make a positive change in the world through health and fitness by working with Jillian Michaels who affectionately refers to him as a protégé.