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Spencer Day

Spencer Day has a brand new single “72 & Sunny” tearing up the radio charts and a new album Angel City.  Spencer called in to The Jim Brickman Show to share about what inspires his songs.  Hear the full interview below!


Jim Brickman – Today in The Jim Brickman Show Artist Spotlight, excited to talk with a very talented friend of mine named Spencer Day.  If you’re not already familiar you have to be because Spencer’s got a brand new album Angel City.  How ya doing Spencer?
Spencer Day – I’m doing well.  I actually was on a boat in Catalina for the night so I’m all blissed out ready to get back to work!
JB – Wow, so do you get inspired when you go to a place like Catalina or you take a trip somewhere?  I mean in your songwriting, you know we all have different things that inspire us.
SD – For me, I’m kinda strange that way – you might be the same, I know a lot of my artist friends are – that we can be introverted extrover- or extroverted introverts, rather.  Because I love being around people, I really love interacting with people after a show and during a show.  But I really recharge when I’m alone, preferably in nature and so I had the good fortune of being on a very small boat with nothing going on and minimal electricity, distractions and automobiles.  So the more I can kinda spend some time away that’s when I notice when the best ideas come.
JB – Good stuff from Spencer Day – check it out.  The album is called Angel City it’s The Jim Brickman Show Artist Spotlight.  Singer, songwriter, performer Spencer Day.  Thank you so much for stopping by Spencer.
SD – Thank you, Jim!

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Audiences around the world have enthusiastically supported Spencer Day for over ten years at venues as diverse as Birdland in New York, the Hollywood Bowl, Jazz Alley in Seattle, the Pacific Rim Jazz Festival in Manila, the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, Tanglewood Music Center in Boston, and The Craig Ferguson Show. Day has been a perennial favorite in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, NY, and is widely regarded for his original songs that blend compelling melodies, smart lyrics and lush arrangements. He enjoys the versatility and flexibility of his music and performs shows that infuse elements of cabaret, storytelling, and comedy with his Spencer Daypiano and vocals.

For his recent album Daybreak, debuting #1 on the iTunes Jazz Chart, Day crafted five new works that blend seamlessly with the cover tunes to create a moving tribute to the time, sound, feel, and sensibility that defined the California mid-century experience. Daybreak evokes the breezy feel of a sunny Southern California afternoon. Classics including Groovin, A World Without Love, and Never My Love have been re-imagined and interpreted in Spencer’s trademark honey baritone voice. Daybreak reflects Spencer’s roots in the Great American Songbook, with a contemporary, upbeat twist that has become his signature sound.

For Spencer remaining relevant in the music industry is a constant. He continually examines who he is both as a person and an artist. “I really have come to believe that my job as an artist is to help people access their emotions. My first job is to help people feel something; anything. I want us all to be able to celebrate our shared humanity, regardless of where we come from.” With this energy, Spencer’s latest and fifth album Daybreak, was born. The album is filled with a selection of classic tunes from the 60s in addition to five original songs that he wrote in a style to pay homage to them. “The whole album is really a reflection of where I stand at this moment; more happy than I’ve ever been in my adult life.”

“I hope to create music that is sophisticated but teeming with raw emotion and fire under the surface. It is in life’s contradictions where the most beautiful things are created.”- Spencer Day



Wallis’s love for music is a family affair, co-written by her Dad and performed with her sisters, “Lonely Christmas” became an internet smash leading to TV and radio appearances, retweets from Ellen Degeneres, and a spot here in the Jim Brickman Show Artist Spotlight.