There has never been a better time to Soothe

Soothe Playlist

Use this Spotify playlist of soothing, original music of Jim Brickman laced with gentle sounds of nature. This offers the perfect, pure soundtrack for relaxation and meditation.

The Brickman Bedtime Story

Relax before going to bed with inspirational stories and music

Soothe Daily

Watch and listen as Jim plays a song to calm your day, everyday on Facebook

Soothe Livestreams

Need a little afternoon escape from all the craziness? Time to Soothe with Jim Brickman on Facebook!

Soothe Podcast

Join Jim Brickman along his journey to find calm amid the chaos. Each night, March 24th through April 5th, at 8:30 PM ET, we wind down and get through this time together as we release a new chapter from Jim’s bestselling audio book “Soothe.” Click the button to listen on Jim’s Radio and Podcast page or listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Soothe Meditation

Hours of uninterrupted soothing music!