America’s New Romantic Piano Sensation himself… and the highly-opinionated, semi-neurotic host of The Jim Brickman Show!


Co-Host and Producer of The Jim Brickman show, Bob brings his sense of humor and know-it-all sensibility. Even if he doesn’t really know it all.

This Is What Dreams Are Made Of!

Imagine if Jim could travel through time and collaborate with the biggest stars on their greatest hits!  Welcome to Dream Duets. Using advanced artificial intelligence Jim creates new realities for our favorite songs combining their original vocal performances with a Brickman crafted piano underscore. Click the banner above to send Jim your request or challenge and watch every episode below.


“a time to wind down with some happy thoughts, expert advice, and some music to send you to slumber”

Nathan Morris "Yet"

“There’s beauty and sadness to be found in the process of letting someone go. I want my music to be authentic, to be real, to mean something, and that’s why there’s so much truth to a song like Yet.” – Nathan Morris

Luke Harrison "Make Me Better

“This song shows that adverse situations can be turned around and, in this case, when life seems so impossible, finding someone special can be life changing” – Luke Harrison

Joseph James "One"

“One” is a powerhouse pop rock anthem in the style of Coldplay meets Maroon 5

Natalie Grant "You Will Be Found feat. Cory Asbury"

“People are having such an emotional connection to the message of this song and I’m just so grateful” – Natalie Grant on the reaction to her cover of “You Will Be Found” from the Musical “Dear Evan Hanson”

Captain Kirk and The Devil Horns

“Its a summer beach party dance tune its simple, but simple like Earth Wind & Fire simple…i think it’s kinda cool” -Kirk Covington

Lachi "Lift Me Up"

Born legally blind, Lachi advocates for Disability Culture and equity in the music industry and is widely known for partnering with the Recording Academy
(through her organization RAMPD) to bring accessibility to the GRAMMYs

Blessing Offor "Brighter Days"

Exhibiting virtuosic piano ability, honest songwriting, and a showstopping voice, Blessing’s musical fluency and creative foresight are unmatched only made more inspiring by his journey.

Lisa Bouchelle & The Bleu "Love Is For The Making"

“An invaluable message of positivity and uplifting inspiration… that’ll get stuck in
your head for days” – American Songwriter Magazine

Ryan Human "Be Awesome"

Ryan Human is a look at the bright side kind of songwriter and it shows with the “pep talk to the psyche” vibes of Be Awesome.