America’s New Romantic Piano Sensation himself… and the highly-opinionated, semi-neurotic host of The Jim Brickman Show!


Co-Host and Producer of The Jim Brickman show, Bob brings his sense of humor and know-it-all sensibility. Even if he doesn’t really know it all.

This Is What Dreams Are Made Of!

Imagine if Jim could travel through time and collaborate with the biggest stars on their greatest hits!  Welcome to Dream Duets. Using advanced artificial intelligence Jim creates new realities for our favorite songs combining their original vocal performances with a Brickman crafted piano underscore. Click the banner above to send Jim your request or challenge and watch every episode below.


“a time to wind down with some happy thoughts, expert advice, and some music to send you to slumber”

Dionya Marie

“when you wake up and you realize it’s not a dream and they’re not there…you will get through it, but let yourself process it, and..grieve it.” – Dionya Marie

Leo Sawikin

“Its…a song about discovering yourself…there is always that core (of yourself) that is the same.  Fundamentally I don’t recognize the person I was 10 years ago” – Leo Sawikin

Danny Griego "Madison Motel"

“When you’re entertaining people, if you want to establish a bond….humor is really an important thing, making people laugh.  They’ve got so much stress in their lives they want to check out for a minute”

Jackie Evancho "Behind My Eyes"

“I think people are really going to be happily surprised at what she’s been up to lately.” Smash Mouth founder and Jackie’s producer Greg Camp

Sarah Reeves "Get Your Fight Back"

“If this is how you’re feeling, you are not alone and I promise one day you’re gonna get back your fight. Don’t give up.” – Sarah Reeves

Nathan Morris "Last Time"

“Songs are what solidify particular moments in our lives. Where were you when you heard this song? Who were you with when you heard that song? You remember those things forever, and music helps bind it all together” – Nathan Morris

Luke Harrison "Make Me Better

“This song shows that adverse situations can be turned around and, in this case, when life seems so impossible, finding someone special can be life changing” – Luke Harrison

Natalie Grant "You Will Be Found feat. Cory Asbury"

“People are having such an emotional connection to the message of this song and I’m just so grateful” – Natalie Grant on the reaction to her cover of “You Will Be Found” from the Musical “Dear Evan Hanson”