America’s New Romantic Piano Sensation himself… and the highly-opinionated, semi-neurotic host of The Jim Brickman Show!


Co-Host and Producer of The Jim Brickman show, Bob brings his sense of humor and know-it-all sensibility. Even if he doesn’t really know it all.

Let the Brickmanizing Begin!

Imagine a world where every song can be a soothing romantic piano sensatio.!  Imagine no more!  Click above to challenge Jim Brickman to take your favorite pop, rock, country, soul, gospel, jazz, rap, or even heavy metal song and mystically transform it into the sweet sound of love, romance, and relaxation.  What would a song like Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” sound like if it were a Jim Brickman composition?  Find out each week on Jim Brickman Show!


“a time to wind down with some happy thoughts, expert advice, and some music to send you to slumber”


Wyn Starks - "who I am"

Pop star. Soul singer. Modern-day genre-blender. Old-school R&B revivalist. Wyn Starks proudly celebrates his own diversity with “Who I Am”. Simultaneously personal and universal.

McKenna Michels - "survivor"

Songwriter, singer and vivid storyteller McKenna Michels makes fearless, complex pop music that radiates with mesmerizing vocal & piano melodies & soul-baring lyrics.

for KING & COUNTRY - Love Me Like I Am

“It’s amazing that you can Love me like I am. And even when I can’t” Joel and Luke Smallbone know how to spin a cocoon of sound that envelopes the listener, lace words of truth and use their voices to lift and inspire.