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Part 1 – Why is reading with your child so important?

Part 2 – Learn how you can take the #15Pages Pledge with Tia Mowry

Transcript of Smokie Norful’s Interview with Jim Brickman

Jim Brickman – It’s The Jim Brickman Show and I’m really excited about this weekend’s Artist Spotlight.  Grammy winning, gospel singer and pastor Smokie Norful who’s got a new book called Take the Lid Off: Trust God, Release the Pressure, & Find the Life He Wants for You.  I’m so happy to talk with you!
Smokie Norful – I’m excited to talk with you as well.  It’s great to be on and thank you for having me 
Jim Brickman – And I know for those who don’t already know Smokie, you’ve sold more than 3 million albums, your a senior pastor at a church that has over 5,000 members in Chicagoland and certainly when it comes to stress overwhelming you, you’ve certainly have had your share like so many of us.  But you sort of found a way to share your story with others and tell me a little about that.
Smokie Norful – Well you know it’s easy to say life is life and I know I have a lot on my plate, but I think that everyone at certain seasons, junctures and times they have a lot to contend with just to be alive and just to flourish and thrive.  So for me the process has been very I won’t say excruciating, but it has had it’s painful moments.  So learning how to take the lid off, finding the peace of God, finding the path of God, and passion God has blessed me to embrace has really been the key and the catalyst for me to take the lid off.

And I think one of the first things I had to was realize what the lids in my life were and then how to maximize my potential beyond those lids.

Jim Brickman – Inward, outward, upward and onward.  I love that – can you share more about how people can follow the plan?
Smokie Norful – Absolutely!  And it starts with the inward.  Very simply put, if you’re no good internally, you’re never going to be good externally.  It’s the first step in the building block of taking the lid off, and then of course it leads to the natural progression of outward.  Once the internal self is good, you will stop being so self-centered and self-focused and realize that our true joy, our greatest joy, is serving other people.  It’s been a blessing in helping other people, and I love what we’re seeing around the country now where people are actually finding their outward self and allowing themselves to be used and to lend a hand.  Because that’s where true fulfillment, joy and taking the lid off actually begins.

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Jim Brickman – Jim Brickman joined by Cooking Channel star, actress & author Tia Mowry.  Tia tell us about the pledge that families can be a part of just by reading 15 pages a day?
Tia Mowry – Yes, so like you said I’m encouraging everyone to just get out there adn read at least 15 pages a day.  And like I said just 15 pages a day you’ll definitely see some benefits, like the benefits I mentioned earlier.  But how you can pledge is you can go to or you can use the hashtag #15pages.  
Jim Brickman – And is this something your family will be doing together?
Tia Mowry – Oh my gosh, yes definitely, definitely!  Like I said I think it’s important to you know create some sort of routine.  Yes there’s reading and learning at school, but I think it’s important to also bring it at home and to encourage the kids to read at home. Make sure you have some sort of environment that’s comfortable and fun for them.  Whether that’s a playroom or an area that’s sectioned off in their room or the living room.  That’s what happened with my mom when I was growing up.  My mom had some sort of section in the living room where we would do our homework and read our books.  But yeah no it’s definitely something you can continue to do in the summer.
Jim Brickman – Where can our listeners go for more info on the pledge and the science behind unplugging this school year?
Tia Mowry – Yes, you can go to!

So this Weekend Make the #15Pages Pledge with your Family & Start Reading to Your Child

More on Guest Smokie Norful

SMOKIE NORFUL is founder and senior pastor of Victory Cathedral Worship Center, a congregation on three campuses in Bolingbrook and Chicago, Illinois. A multiple Grammy-winning artist who has sold more than three million albums worldwide, he has also received Take the Lid Off Smokie NorfulStellar awards; Dove awards; an NAACP Image Award nomination; a Soul Train Award nomination; two nominations for the BET Award for gospel music; two RIAA certified Gold-selling compact discs; and countless other accolades. A graduate of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois, Norful also served on the board of regents for Trinity International University. He lives with his wife and family in the Chicago area. 

Learn more about Norful at, and connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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