Sally’s Corner

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re sharing some of the best “Sally’s Corner” articles with you.  Sally Brickman, Jim’s mother, writes an article in the monthly newsletter, so we’ve gone through the archives and found some of the best to share with you.

Once A Mother, Always A Mother

It never ends, the worry, the concerns, and the need to try to keep your mouth shut when you think you are interfering in their lives!

I feel very fortunate to have two sons who are hard working, responsible, have Sally, Jim and Michaelgood values, and lead productive lives. I am also fortunate that at this time of my life the tables are beginning to turn. Instead of my caring for them, they are caring about what is best for me. Turn about is fair play, right???

No, really how comforting it is to have your children really love you and show concern about what is best for you. I am very lucky in this respect because I don’t think all mothers have children who genuinely worry about making their parents’ lives richer! It is hard to live long distance, but my boys have certainly been there for me when I needed them. We forged a strong bond when they were young and that continues. Once Michael gave me a small plaque which hangs on the wall of my den to this day. It reads “Although distance may come between parents and their children, the bond that holds them close will never weaken. The love that they share will never be more than a memory apart.” OK Jim Brickman, use that for a song lyric! And remember me on Mother’s Day. (He wouldn’t dare forget!)

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