Recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month
with limited edition products

Breast Cancer has touched the lives of so many.  Whether it’s a family member, friend, or friend of a friend we all know someone who has been impacted by this disease.  Jim Brickman is recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, by releasing a Limited Edition Pink Hoodie and Long Sleeved V-Neck.  A piece of the proceeds from each order will be donated to the Cleveland Clinic for Cancer Research.  

Every little bit helps so that hopefully one day we can find a cure.  Get your Jim Brickman pink clothing item and wear it all October long to honor those we have lost and honor those who have survived, and recognize those still battling Breast Cancer.

Limited Edition Pink Products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink Long Sleeved T-Shirt

Long Sleeved Pink V Neck

Pink Long Sleeved Hoodie


Over the years, I’ve received notes, messages and emails from so many Breast Cancer survivors or those currently battling the disease.  I’m so honored that you bring my music to play during an MRI, a chemotherapy treatment or just to calm you down before or after an appointment.  

Thank you for choosing my songs to get you through this difficult time.  I’m so happy I can be there to support you and help you through my music.  Here are a few notes and letters I want to share:

Appreciation from Florida

“I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in August 2007.  After surgery I was told I had to have chemotherapy and radiation treatment for 1 year.  I have just finished all my treatments and am cancer free.  I played Jim Brickman’s Escape CD everyday.  I listened as I received chemotherapy treatment and his music helped me through the worst time of my life.  

I still tear up when I hear “Waterfall.”  It is my favorite.”

-Montez from Florida

Helping Through a Difficult Time

“I just wanted to let you know I had been diagnosed with breast cancer this last Thursday and I had an MRI today to see if it has spread anywhere else.  I was able to choose my own music to listen while in this machine and I chose your Escape album.  This album has been with me at my cabin during another healing part of my life and I knew it would put me at the cabin.  Well, the only song I REALLY got to hear any part of was “Never Alone.”  I thought it quite fitting…thank you so much for helping me through this part of my life.”

   -Lina S.

Music for Chemo

“I’ve loved Jim’s music before my first concert in ’96 and that I’m sure he came into my life exactly when I needed his music to soothe me.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in ’97…I brought his music to all of my chemo treatments and others there with me, thanked me because it helped them too.  I strongly believe in the power of music!”


If you have used or are using Jim Brickman’s music during your battle against Breast Cancer, please share your story in the comments below.  Jim would love to hear from you!