Celebrate Peace Day

This week is International Day of Peace or Peace Day!  I’ve been trying to figure out how to celebrate, when I had a great idea – I’ll share my song “Peace” with you.  But this version is a special LIVE performance from the TODAY Show.  Watch below and share how you’ll be celebrating Peace Day in the comments!

Jim Brickman’s song “Peace” gets requested so many times and this holiday season it’s so much about bridging borders and the fact that music really has no language barrier.  That’s really what this song “Peace” is about, so let’s celebrate by listening together!

You find it where the heart is
The heart is right where love lives
And love will always find a way

Is the something that reminds us
It’s not to late to find us
And one day we may be in Peace

How will you celebrate Peace Day?
Share in the comments below!

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