Is there something special on top of your tree?  Here’s what you’ll find in our homes.

My mom puts a beautiful angel on top of our tree every year.43fd6b6a0cba005b9b91119c4285ec9c
Since I just moved into a new house, I have to buy Christmas tree decorations so as of right now I don’t know what will be on top of my tree.
​ I ordered an a family ornament last year. By mistake I switched the dad and son, so the ornament shows our son, Oliver as the dad and Sean as a little boy. It’s really funny and we get a kick out of it. I have no plans to re-order it because the story behind the ornament won’t be as funny!
I pass on this one… but we have a collection of menorahs (Chanukah candelabras) including a beautiful silver one that we received for our 25th anniversary.
An Angel that we have had for probably my whole life.
A gold star

What’s at the top of your tree? Send a picture to