On the Road – Springfield

I’m getting ready to head out on another weekend of travel, but wanted to recap an amazing weekend spent in Springfield, Massachusetts at CityStage. ¬†I arrived early on Saturday morning and took in the sights and sounds of downtown Springfield.

I was welcomed to CityStage by a familiar face – ME! ūüôā ¬†Then it was time for CityStage Postersoundcheck and preparing for the show. ¬†My tour manager Brynne & I got into a bit of an argument over who would iron my shirts for the show, the set list and the food in my dressing room.

Everything was documented on Facebook so you can watch the entire video here:

The video really gives you a glimpse into the “glamorous” life before a show. Jim at CityStage¬†Deciding what to wear, choosing what food to eat from catering, deciding on the set list, etc.¬†The best part was hearing from all of you in choosing what shirt I should wear during the second act. ¬†If you didn’t make it to the show – here’s a photo so you can see what was the winner.

The show was amazing and the crowd electric. ¬†It was my Set Listfirst time performing at CityStage, I’m usually down the street at Symphony Hall for my holiday show. ¬†This was a nice change especially because it was such an intimate setting. ¬†I got a lot of great requests and dedications so I did stray from the set list quite a bit. ¬†I wanted to share the set list I tried to follow that night. ¬†You can see that sometimes I just start jotting down a few songs on whatever paper is nearby.

It was a great night and I can’t wait to head back to Springfield again soon! ¬†Now it’s time to head out for another weekend of Pure Piano shows in New Orleans, Jacksonville and Clearwater – On the Road Again!!