On the Road – Milwaukee & Wabash

Happy Monday!  It was a travel day for us yesterday on the Pure Piano tour, so I thought this would be the perfect time to give you an update from our weekend travels and adventures.   I hit the road to kick off Valentine’s Day weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Wabash, Indiana.  Joining me for this week of love is Anne Cochran.  It’s always wonderful to share the stage with her and having some time to catch up since we last saw each other in Allentown.  For the crew we have Tyson with us running lights & production and Brynne selling CDs and songbooks at the souvenir table.

We started the weekend in Milwaukee – I arrived a few days early for some interviews – and the rest of the crew flew in on Saturday.  We were performing at the PabstMilwaukee Public Market
Theater, which if you listen to my radio show you heard that this season an episode of The Bachelor also took place there.  It’s been a really long time since I’ve been back at the Pabst so it was great being back.  Since I arrived a few days early, I had some time to explore – I stopped at the Milwaukee Public Market for some snacks and was blown away by all the food, gifts and chocolate they had.  It took a lot of willpower to walk by all the sweet Valentine’s Day treats and not pick one up.  On Saturday, Anne, Brynne and I went to the North End of the city to shop at Fresh Thyme for some show snacks.  We needed things like Greek yogurt, tea, hummus & veggies and tea.

The show Saturday night was incredible.  Some local piano students came by to watch sound check and visit with me before the show.  They asked some great questions and learned a lot from the “show before the show.”  The Pabst Theater was filled with an amazing crowd.  Anne and I loved sharing the evening with all of our Milwaukee friends. 

We packed up our minivan with merchandise, costumes and luggage and headed to Wabash, Indiana.  It’s been over 10 years since Anne and I have performed at the Honeywell Center.  I actually found my spot on the wall backstage with my signatures from past performances!  I always love playing at the Honeywell Center and this time was no different.  It was a great Sunday night crowd!  Anne and I had a blast reading through the questions and song requests.  And it’s always fun visiting with the VIPs after the show.  There were a few that we hadn’t seen in a very long time, so catching up with them was great.  Anne, Brynne, Tyson and I were staying at the historic Honeywell House after the show.  It was the home of Mrs. Honeywell and we were grateful to be welcomed to stay there.  Of course we couldn’t leave without a little photo shoot in some of the rooms!

We celebrated our day off with a special bomb brownie for dessert at the Dallas/Ft AnneandJim_DallasAirport_EatingDessertWorth airport.

Then we finally arrived at the Tyler airport and heard my song “First Light” playing in baggage claim.  Talk about a warm welcome!  We’re looking forward to spending Valentine’s Day with our friends in Tyler and then in Amarillo on Wednesday.